Local Wally's Guide to Maui


Planning your vacation trip to Maui just got a lot easier, thanks to Local Wally.  I'll help you find the Best Places to Stay, the Best Places to Eat, and the Best Things to Do on Maui.  I know this stuff because I LOVE Maui.  I also tapped every friend and relative on the island and got their take to make sure the stuff I'm telling you is truly the Best of Maui.

What I don't do is give you endless lists of stuff and make you guess what's good. Only the Best of Maui makes my site.  If it's good, it's here.  If it's not, it's NOT!

I'll also show you the Maui secrets that only locals know and help you avoid the tourist traps that are just waiting to suck you in like a blowhole.  Hike 30 minutes to a waterfall only to find hoards of tourists in Aloha shirts waiting to wade in?  Get pulled into an ocean view restaurant only to dine on frozen seafood?  Or worse yet, wind up in a 90 minute hard-sell timeshare presentation when all you wanted was a few bucks off a luau?  Not on my watch!