Feeling Adventurous?

If the last time you did something crazy was back in college - you know back when you had a mullet and your car had a four speed stick - then now is the time to break out of boring mode and do something exciting! 

Maui has lots of unique experiences that will awaken your senses so ignore the little man in the back of your brain who is saying "I dunno..." and go for the gusto.   Come on, you're on vacation and you deserve to live a little.  Go for it!

Experience a Thrilling Ride on a Maui Helicopter to See The Island

Maui Helicopter Tours

Amazing views and once in a lifetime adventure

See Maui like you've never seen it before.  Fly into the jungle to see breathtaking waterfalls then over to Haleakala for a birds eye view of the volcano and then back out to the ocean to check out the whales - all in less than an hour. 

If you haven't been on a helicopter before don't expect radical drops and a thrill ride adventure but rather smooth sweeping turns and lots of time to see the sights.  Those inclined to motion sickness might want to pop a pill beforehand but for the most part it's more like a flying bus than a roller coaster.   Bottom line, an awesome unforgettable adventure and a great way to see another side of Maui.

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Take an Exciting 27 Mile Bike Ride Down Haleakala Volcano

Haleakala Bike Tours

It's All Downhill From Here

You've dreamed of this since you were a kid - a 27 mile, all downhill bike ride!  There are plenty of tour companies that will transport you to the top of the volcano to see the sights, then rent you a bike to race down to the bottom.  Along the way you'll see plenty of natural beauty such as the Lavender Farm or Paia Town.

Book carefully as some of the cheaper tours are just a ride to the bike station where you won't get to tour the volcano summit.  That's OK if you've seen the volcano before but pay the extra if you haven't.  Some tours are group based (everyone rides together), others let you go on your own, but all of them give you a thrill ride to remember.

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Hang On Tight As You Zip Line Over the Trees

Maui Zip Line Tours

ultimate family adventure

If you can hang on, you can zip line, and you'll be hanging on tight when you jump from the 750 foot high platform to speed 40 mph into the treetops.  There are plenty of different adventures to choose from including one where you can jump off into the water.

Beautiful setting and a cool suspended foot bridge along the way, they'll start you on easy zips to get you going until you're ready for the big one.  Great for kids, the tour guides are helpful and patient with anyone who might be a big nervous at first.  Don't let your apprehension stop you - there is no way you're not going to have a have a big smile on your face as you speed down the line on an adventure that ranks as one of the most unusual and fun on Maui.

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea in a Submarine

Atlantis Maui Submarine Tours

Kids love it

OK, yes, it's a bit of a tourist trap and you really don't see anything you wouldn't see snorkeling but come on, it's a submarine ride in Maui and how cool is that?  Depending on the conditions you're likely to see schools of colorful fish, coral reefs, maybe even a shark or two, and there's even a sunken ship.  It's corny and sometimes cringe worthy but kids love it as do the less cynical adults. 

Stick with the Atlantis submarine as this is a real sub that dives down to 150 feet versus some of the "yellow submarines" that are really just glass bottom boats that stay on the surface.

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