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You're dreaming of swimming with turtles, basking in the sun on a white sandy beach and sipping mai-tai's from a coconut while listening to the soothing sounds of the surf.   Ahhhhhh....

Well snap out of it!  Unless you do a bit of pre-planning your trip to paradise can quickly turn into tourist trap hell.  Luckily, finding the Best of Maui isn't that hard.  Just follow me, Local Wally, your local guide to the Best of Maui.


Maui's Best Hotels

 Where to Stay on Maui

Where you stay will have a big impact on the quality of your vacation.  The four top areas break down like this:

  • Ka'anapali:  Most popular area to stay, big resorts, nice beach, lots of restaurants within walking distance.  Confusingly called "Lahaina", do not confuse Kaanapali with the touristy Lahaina Town area.
  • North Ka'anapali:  Fewer tourists and less touristy, uncrowded beaches, yet still close to everything.  Further up north is Kapalua with some lush high end resorts as well as budget friendly options.
  • Kehei:  Going south, mid-priced, lots of condos and fewer attractions and no big resorts. 
  • Wailea:  At the southwest bottom of the island, ultra luxurious resorts and local attractions make it a great destination choice, but first timers will be driving a lot to see the main attractions.

Maui's Best Attractions

What to Do on Maui

With so many things to do you'll want to make the key decisions of what you want to do before you arrive.

  • Sightseeing:  From the twisty drive through the jungle on the Road to Hana to watching the sunrise from the top of a volcano, Maui has plenty to see and do.
  • On the Water:  Snorkel in a crater, learn to surf, go on a sunset cruise, swim with turtles, go whale watching, just make sure you bring a couple of bathing suits and grab some sunscreen because you're going to need it.  Maui's waters are warm and crystal clear. 
  • Luau's:  There's no doubt that a luau is a big part of the Hawaii experience - but which one?  Select from one of these and you won't leave with that tourist trap regret.
  • Only on Maui:  Expand your vacation activities off the usual suspect list and add a few "only in Maui" activities. 

Best Maui Restaurants

Where to eat on Maui

Just say NO to Bubba Gump's and the other tourist trap restaurants.  I'll show you the best restaurants on Maui, from local plate lunch to expensive (but worth it) ocean view seafood dining.  You only have so much time and so few meals on Maui so make sure that every meal, every bite, is vacation quality memorable.  Don't worry, everything is delicious.


Best Maui Store

shop hawaii from your home

Don't wait until you get to Maui to pick up these vacation essentials.  I've searched and researched and have stocked my online store with the Best of Maui, from the essential CD guide you'll want when you drive the Road to Hana to modern Hawaiian music that even the locals like.  Go ahead, treat yourself!